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May 1957 Established Nagata Research Center in Izumi-cho, Kokubunji, Tokyo
December 1959 Changed name to Japan Capacitor Co., Ltd.
October 1962 Uenohara plant built in Kitatsurugun (currently Uenohara City), Yamanashi Prefecture
December 1963 Started sales of etched aluminum foil
January 1969 Transferred head office and head plant in Fussa
August 1972 Established Kawatake Electronics Co., Ltd. in Minato-ku to handle import/export
September 1973 Established Shin-ei Capacitor Foil Co., Ltd., through joint investment with Shin-ei Communications Industries Co., Ltd. (currently Rubycon Corporation) in Kamiina-gun, Nagano Prefecture
December 1978 Established Chiba plant in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture
August 1981 Head office building completed; central research center established in head office
July 1984 Automotive parts section at head office plant merged with First Engineering Co., Ltd., and inaugurated as JCC Engineering Co., Ltd.
March 1986 Korea JCC Co., Ltd. established in Seoul Metropolitan City, Korea, through joint investment with Korea Sanwa Trading Co., Ltd., and Kawatake Electronics Co., Ltd.
April 1986 Joint business venture with Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd., for chemical processing of electrode foil for electrolytic capacitors agreed, and launched in October of the same year
October 1994 Chiba plant obtained ISO9002 certification
October 1995 Taiwan JCC (Foil) Corporation established in Hsin-Chu County, Taiwan, through joint investment between Taiwan Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Kawatake Electronics Co., Ltd.
May 1996 Chairman Izaya Nagata awarded Medal with Yellow Ribbon
March 1997 Uenohara plant obtained ISO9002 certification
March 2001 Received shares in SNK Co., Ltd. (chemical plant) from Nitsuko Electronics Corporation
December 2001 Obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification
October 2004 Obtained ISO14001 certification
December 2004 Established JCC Electronics Technology (Changshu) Co., Ltd. in Changsu City, Jiangsu Province, China, through joint investment with Kawatake Electronics Co., Ltd.
October 2020 Obtained IATF16949 certification