As the only-one company which has creative technology-development anticipating the customer needs, we would keep growing together with customers.

Toshio Natori,CEO
Toshio Natori,

For over half century since establishment, JCC has been leading the market as the only dedicated manufacturer of electrode foils for aluminum electrolytic capacitors in Japan. Our creative technology has kept us in the top-class position of the world, even now. In retrospect, JCC's history has been with the growth of electronics.
Capacitors are used in almost all electronic circuits and electrical apparatus as essential part to rectifiers of various power units and amplifiers of electronic circuits. Among various types of capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in wide variety of application to meet needs of miniaturization and higher voltage for their good characteristics in storage capacity and versatility. As an important electrode material influencing the function of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, electrode foils, our main products meet the latest needs and are used all over the world.

The market is facing a big turning point today. Demands for capacitors with higher performance and reliability are increased not only for the existing electronics fields, but also for automobile fields shifting to more electrification such as EV and PHV. Furthermore it is required to achieve those added values at lower cost.
In response to changing time, JCC is trying to meet these requirements, and to realize completely customer-orientated management and development of global human-resources by utilizing our creative technology-development resources and stable financial state which have been acquired over for half century as an independent company. We are also working on expansion of our domestic and international networks and on environment measure which is a globally social requirement. We will continue pursing technology of aluminum electrode foils as the specialists for functional surface of electronic material "contributing to the society by creative technology" and challenge to become an only-one company in related fields as well.